Why Do YOU Want to Buy?

Sound like a silly question coming from a Realtor? I believe the answer to this question is critical to whether you should move forward with a purchase or hold off. When I pose this question to buyers, I often hear things like ‘it’s a good investment,’ or ‘I’m tired of throwing my money away on…Read More »

Do I Sell Now Or Rent it Out?

This has been the essential question of every seller I have met for the past two years. Typically, if you bought your current home after 2002, you are looking at whether to cash out a loss. Or, you may have refinanced your way out of your equity and now you find yourself upside down. If…Read More »

The Strange and Twisted Mortgage Market

Interest rates keep falling to all time lows. That combined with low prices should make this an ideal time to buy. But then, have you recently tried to apply for a mortgage? I’ve seen buyers run into road blocks for all types of strange reasons. 1)   Perhaps your investment portfolio doesn’t match the model of…Read More »

What Sells a Home in Today’s Market

In today’s market many sellers want to know the secret to selling their homes quickly. They want to know ways to hold on to the equity they’ve built over the past decade. Unfortunately, there is no golden equation that equals the perfect sale. Yet, while there is no “sure thing” in the housing market these…Read More »

Don’t Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face!!

I’ve had a number of discussions with a “for sale by owner” seller this past week. For two years, he has used an MLS-only $75 realtor to post his home on the MLS. I do believe there’s a place for this and offer this service to my sellers. In this case however, although the seller…Read More »

Some Lousy Counteroffers!

I’m used to counter offers – it is part of the business. The most important ingredient of most counter offers is usually price. Terms of the deal such as length of the contingency period, length of escrow, which escrow to use, etc are usually small beans compared to the issue of price. In the past…Read More »

CALFHA – Fabulous Program for First Time Buyers

I am a Realtor that DOES NOT think everyone should buy a home. Sometimes it makes sense for a family, and sometimes it simply doesn’t. I am closing a deal with one young family with a two year old daughter and another one on the way. They purchased a two bedroom townhome with only 1%…Read More »

Down Payment Assistance Is Available in Escondido

First time home buyers have many programs available that will help them with the down payment, often the biggest stumbling block when buying a home. The City of Escondido offers 5% down payment assistance for first time home buyers. The requirements are simple: 1. Down payment assistance is for home buyers who have not owned…Read More »

Thoughts On Buying a Condo

As with most things in life, there are pros and cons. The decision to buy a condo versus a house is no different. I’ve always felt that condos and townhomes (condos with attached garages) have a place for busy working people, but there are certainly things to investigate. Among the things I like is the…Read More »

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