Preparing Your Home for a Sale

Whether the real estate that is for sale is a primary residence or one that has been used as an actual investment to generate positive cash flow, there are some steps that will need to be taken before the house is ready for the local real estate market. While the real estate can be prepared…Read More »

Tools for Determining the Market Value of Your Home

It is essential to list your home at the right price and it is important to get it right the first time. The pricing of a house is a major component in ensuring that your home sells quickly. There are several ways to determine the market value of your home, including an Automated Valuation Model,…Read More »

What Consumers Should Know About Real Estate Websites

I just read an article from Inman News about the most popular real estate websites. Of the top 20, only one of the sites was actually from a real estate brokerage. Just this past week, I received an email from the San Diego Association of Realtors that they were opening a consumer site, in an…Read More »

Real Estate Trends in 2011.

The article linked here is one I shared with my newsletter readers in January: Without a doubt, I’ve seen each and every item listed become a reality. It has undeniably been a year of small deals – I think I only had two sales over the $500K price range. The market has offered tremendous…Read More »

North Park is Getting New Affordable Housing

Community Housing Works, a local non-profit, recently announced the development of an 83 unit apartment building known as the ‘Kalos’ building. Rents will begin at $730-$880 for a one-bedroom unit and go as high as $930 to $1,120 for a three-bedroom. These units will be available to households of four living under approximately $50,000. The…Read More »

Critical Websites For FHA and VA Buyers

When lenders pre-approve buyers for loans, I’ve found that they often do not explain all of what’s involved when you use an FHA or VA loan. It is important to realize that only SOME condo complexes are approved for these types of loans. There are more VA approved condos out there than FHA. It’s important…Read More »

Buying a Foreclosure in San Diego

I was recently asked how buying a foreclosure is different from buying a traditional property. If the foreclosure is listed on the mls as most are, the procedural process of writing an offer, and going through the various steps of escrow is the same. The differences are primarily strategic. Foreclosures tend to get multiple offers,…Read More »

What Repairs and How Much Should I Ask For?

Knowing how much to ask for with a repair request if a delicate matter. The standard between realtors seems to be those things that affect the function, health and safety of the home. These things might include a dripping faucet, non-working furnace, a pool that leaks, a roof that leaks, dangerous electric wiring. Repairs are…Read More »

Buyers – Read ALL Your Documents

The process of buying and selling real estate is always accompanied by a massive amount of paperwork. It can be absolutely overwhelming, boring, even tedious. That said I beg you to read ALL your documents. I just heard from recent buyers who purchased a condo for their son in Pacific Beach. The unit was a…Read More »

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