Your Choice of Listing Words

Your Choice of Listing Words A recent article from Trulia crossed my desk and I thought the contents worthy of a share. It is a great reminder of the importance of choosing the words for your listing carefully. Your Listing Words describe your home will affect your sales success and the ultimate price it sells…Read More »

Don’t Overlook These Red Flags!

I am working with young buyers who are search for a detached home in the North Park/Normal Heights areas. They are pre-approved and hungry. Everything a Realtor wants! My only problem is that I need to sleep at night and genuinely try to guide people, particularly first time buyers, to make good choices. Last week,…Read More »

Buying or Selling in Hillcrest, North Park, or Normal Heights?

If you’ve been looking in the Hillcrest, North Park, Normal Heights areas, maybe you’ve noticed….There’s a minimal amount of inventory at the lower price ranges. I have a handful of clients all waiting for a home to appear in any of these communities.  During the past month or two, every well priced property has sold…Read More »

How’s the Market?

I have just begun adding some new features to my website. These are market statistics designed to provide an objective answer to ‘how’s the market?’ You may access this by clicking on the ‘how’s the market?’ tab on my website. I am receiving weekly statistical updates for the city of San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, Carmel…Read More »

Do I Buy a Traditional Sale, Foreclosure, or Short Sale?

San Diego Home Buyers The answer depends upon a few variables: 1) The time frame in which you are seeking to purchase 2) The type of financing you have as a buyer 3) Your price range If you want to purchase within a three month period a short sale is probably not for you. If…Read More »

On Signing Exclusive Buyer-Broker Agreements

I recently went to Palm Springs for a few days. One of the reasons for my trip was to explore whether I might enjoy living here in my ‘golden years.’ During my stay, I met with a Realtor learn about the housing market there, different communities I might enjoy, etc. This is the first time…Read More »

Great Opportunity to Enjoy Good Food – San Diego Restaurant Week

San Diego Restaurant Week I think San Diego’s Restaurant Week offers a great opportunity for budget conscious people to explore new restaurants and enjoy great food. From January 15th-January 20th, you can enjoy a two course lunch for $10-20, and a three course dinner for $20-40. There are well over 100 restaurants participating at different…Read More »

What You Should Expect From Your Listing Agent

I view hundreds of listings daily.Perhaps that says more about me than you need to know! Nevertheless, one does learn many things by this seemingly ridiculous practice! At least half of the listings I see are just bad. The photos are taken by the agent, and they are dark. You can’t see what’s inside the…Read More »

Searching For a Condo Under 200K?

I’ve been approached by several new buyers these past couple of weeks. Remarkably, or perhaps not, their stated price range is very similar – around $200K. That remains the toughest price point in which to be successful. Allow me to elaborate. First of all, the only reasonable purchase in this price range is a condo.…Read More »

Six Ways To Save Your Underwater Home

I am a fan of Tara-Nicholle Nelson. She is a broker who writes for Inman News. Today I want to share her article “6 Ways to Save Your Underwater Home. Check It Out:

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