Why Should You Use a Realtor?

I just read an article from Trulia addressing the importance of using a Realtor, even with today’s Internet access to homes. Buyers, you may indeed be able to look at homes on any given website. What about the neighborhood that it’s in? Are prices moving up or down in that area? If it’s a condo,…Read More »

Tips for Moving Into Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be challenging. Stress and exhaustion are a natural byproduct of the upheaval created from relocation. However, a coordinated, inexpensive and organized transition is possible and actually pretty simple if you utilize the tips listed below. Please let us know if you would like more tips! Tips for Moving Into…Read More »

Keeping Your New Home Secure

Spring is in the air and vacation plans may not be far behind!  Whether you are embarking on a weekend getaway or an extended trip, it’s critical that you make arrangements to ensure the safety of your new home.  Implement the following suggestions and enjoy increased peace of mind on your get-away! Keeping Your New…Read More »

When the Home You’re Buying Doesn’t Appraise

 When the Home You’re Buying Doesn’t Appraise I am currently addressing this issue with some buyers. This is an unusually nice remodel and there were multiple bids on the property. We had to agree to the seller’s price to win the bid. Now, there are absolutely no comps out there to support the price we…Read More »

“Robo-Signing” Agreement Assists Homeowners

Mortgage lenders are in the news again, only this time it’s not Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in the hot seat. If you purchased a home through GMAC (now Ally Financial), Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, or Citibank, you may want to take note. Last week’s settlement of $25 billion is proposed to aid homeowners…Read More »

Buying & Selling a “Green” Home

http://www.flickr.com/photos/20792787@N00/31466691/ by Jaime Silva

While the decline in new home construction may have some feeling “blue,” those of you who embrace a “green” lifestyle will be excited to hear about the latest projections. “Green” remodeling is a growing trend in the real estate industry! In fact, McGraw-Hill Companies, revealed last week that 17% of residential home building in 2011…Read More »

What Buyers Love Most in a Home

What Buyers Love Most in a Home Just in time for Valentine’s Day, below is a useful article from Trulia. Enjoy!— It’s no secret, men and women are wired differently. But recent research shows that when it comes to features that motivate them to buy, the connection between the sexes isn’t a battle.   What…Read More »

What’s With the Price Range?

What’s With the Price Range? When you see a home priced at $649,000 – $649,000, you might ask yourself ‘What does that mean?’ The official term for it is ‘value range pricing,’ and it is quite common here in San Diego. I tend to love it or hate it depending upon whether I am representing…Read More »

Landscaping – A Key to Selling Your Home


When you meet someone for the first time – what do you notice?   If you’re like many of us, that initial impression is largely determined by outside appearance. Believe it or not, that concept rings true with your home, too! That’s right, your home can foreshadow clues regarding your personality and sense of style,…Read More »

Resources for Avoiding Home Foreclosure

Home ownership can be a heavy responsibility at times… especially when times are tough.  It can be challenging to find help when times are difficult due to a  decrease or loss of income, illness, unexpected disaster or home repairs, or personal crisis such as separation or divorce.  Add to that a reduction in home values, and…Read More »

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