Writing a VA Offer

Writing a VA Offer VA offers are often overlooked by listing agents because they are 100% down and the VA appraisal may come in lower than the list price. However, here are a couple of tips to strengthen your VA offer. 1) Write as short an escrow time frame as possible – I usually use…Read More »

8 Real Estate Deadlines

8 Real Estate Deadlines Another Great article From Trulia… The list of real estate-related stressors is virtually limitless. Whether you have to decide on whether to rent vs. buy or whether to sell vs. stay put, decide on a list price or an offer price, or pick a buyer’s broker or a listing agent, there…Read More »

Americans Still Prefer Buying a Home to Renting

Americans Still Prefer Buying a Home to Renting Owning a home still has more appeal than renting for Americans, according to Fannie Mae. A sign of stability, safety, family and community, home ownership is an essential component of the “American Dream” of success and happiness and has been for many generations. The recent National Housing…Read More »

Saving Money in Your New Home

Saving Money in Your New Home When you purchase or consider purchasing a new home, there are lots of costs to think about.  One of these is utilities.  While they may not represent a large portion of your expenses on a month to month basis, the regularity of cost can add up over time.  …Read More »

When is Paying a 6% Listing Fee Justified?

 When is  Paying a 6% Listing  Fee Justified? My 87 year old step father is listing is home here in town. After much discussion, we agreed that I would not list it. I am keenly aware of its history, its good and its bad, all of which I’d be legally obliged to disclose. My Dad…Read More »

5 Real Estate Rules of Thumb… Fact or Fiction?

5 Real Estate Rules of Thumb: Fact or Fiction? Here’s another great article from Trulia… We humans have a natural craving to simplify the complex. This same instinct, which explainswhy legends, films and fairytales from every culture tend to boil down to heroes vs. villains, also explains why so many buyers and sellers desperately seek…Read More »

Should You Lower Your List Price?

Your home has been on the market for 30 days. Other than a few showings when it came on the market, there has been little activity. Should You Lower Your List Price? Generally speaking, a price reduction is called for every 4 – 6 weeks that your home is on the market. There are two…Read More »

Time to Review Your Home Owner’s Policy

What do you know about your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?  Have you evaluated it recently?  If not, it is appropriate to review your home owner’s policy every six months to ensure that your coverage is as expected.  Obviously, the best time to review your policy is prior to a crisis situation.  So take some time out of your…Read More »

Home For Sale? Time to Spring Clean

Home For sale? Time to Spring clean? Spring is in the air, making it a great time to focus on sprucing up your home.  Whether you have just purchased a home or are planning to sell, a little bit of effort spent and a few quick cleaning tips will help your home to sparkle!  Along…Read More »

5 Foreclosure Myths for 2012

This is an outstanding article from Trulia! 5 Foreclosure Myths for 2012 Beginning in 2007, foreclosures rocked the real estate world. Like an out-of-control freight train, they began decimating the market, peaking in 2009. Myths and rumors began propagating like mushrooms as consumers struggled to understand the new reality. Although many misconceptions have come and…Read More »

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