Show Your Lowball Offers the Door

Show Your Lowball Offers the Door The Spring Time housing market in San Diego has shown signs of change. Despite National headlines proclaiming that it’s a buyer’s market, it does not seem true now. In any given category, there are just a handful of available homes. I worked with two buyers yesterday…the first looking for…Read More »

San Diego Needs Your Listing

San Diego Needs Your Listing There’s an inventory problem in San Diego right now – not enough homes for sale. I’ve been aware of this for several months now but it really hit me acutely this week.  I am starting to wonder if we are in that period equivalent to 2002, where there was no…Read More »

7 Springtime Home Spruces to Boost Buyer Interest

7 Springtime Home Spruces to Boost Buyer Interest One of the first things many homebuyers look for are the unmistakable signs of something called ‘pride of ownership.’ As a whole, it’s a relatively intangible concept: there are just homes that have it – reeking of their owners’ love and meticulous care for the property —…Read More »

Buying a Home? Don’t Forget the Inspection!

Buying a Home?  Don’t Forget the Inspection! You’ve finally found the home that is just right and made an offer and it was accepted. Now you just wait for escrow to close, right?  Wrong. Now is the time to have the home inspected to make sure you are aware of any possible issues in the…Read More »

How Buying a Home is Like Finding the Perfect Shoe

The adage “one shoe fits all” does not work when buying home.  It doesn’t work when shoe shopping, either, for that matter!  Homes, like shoes, are very personal, and often emotionally-based purchases. Try as they might to create a home that will meet every need and every taste, home builders are aware that it just…Read More »

Short Sales Timelines Reduced for Home Buying and Selling

Short Sales Timelines Reduced Home buyers interested in short sale homes and the sellers of such homes had some good news this week. Freddie Mac established new timelines to aid in expediting decisions for borrowers. Under the new guidelines, once a completed application has been submitted, a decision must be reached within 60 days. Applications…Read More »

5 Need-to-Knows Before You Move Into the Neighborhood

5 Need-to-Knows Before You Move Into the Neighborhood Buying a home can feel like the most intense research project ever. From mortgages to contracts to property condition issues, there’s a lot to look at. An additional area you’ll definitely want to investigate in detail: your new neighborhood.  Here are five items you definitely need to…Read More »

March 2012 Study Shows Upward Trends

March 2012 Study Shows Upward Trends March 2012 totals are in and show some trends that you will want to consider if you have a home for sale or will be buying a home soon.  According to, housing market indicators are looking up.  The national median list price has increased between February and…Read More »

The #1 Mistake of First Time Home Buyers

 The #1 Mistake of First Time Home Buyers  It happens every day to Realtors yet I’m always surprised when it does. Just yesterday, an eager young buyer found my website and began to request information on 8-10 properties. When I spoke with her I learned that she not spoken with a lender to know what…Read More »

How Do You Choose a Buyer’s Agent?

How Do You Choose a Buyer’s Agent? I read an article not too long ago about the fact that most buyers typically don’t ‘choose’ a buyer’s agent in the same way a sellers select listing agents. On the listing side, it’s quite common to have several agents to your home and have them make a…Read More »

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