Tips on Your Credit Score

Tips on Your Credit Score Are you pre-approved for your home purchase? If not, you need to be, and no, it won’t affect your credit rating. In today’s real estate market, serious buyers know that the home buying process cannot begin in earnest until they are pre-approved, not pre-qualified for a mortgage. Here are some…Read More »

3 Buying Tips you Need to Know

3 Buying Tips you Need to Know Are you interested in buying a home during this ‘summer season’ in San Diego?  If so, there are 3 buying tips you need to know to buy right now.  1) Go out and see available homes the day they come on the market – I’m not kidding. If your…Read More »

Buying a House or Buying a Condo

Buying a House or Buying a Condo In your search for the right home, you will likely be doing a lot of footwork and analysis. Before you begin looking at actual homes, it is wise to determine how much home you can afford and the level of maintenance you desire. In doing so, you may…Read More »

Open House Tips

Open House Tips Property showings are one of the most critical moments in the selling process. These simple open house tips are designed to help you show your home at its best every time. So, use these tips keep your home showing condition until it’s sold. Do: Be hospitable to buyers – If you want people…Read More »

In a Hurry to Sell Your Home?

In a Hurry to Sell Your Home? If you are considering listing your home for sale, recent market studies have indicated that we are entering a seller’s market, so your timing could be perfect! A decrease in inventory in the housing market is good news if you need or want to sell your home quickly.…Read More »

No Money Down Purchase Option

No Money Down Purchase Option CHDAP, California Housing Down Payment Assistance Programs, helps homebuyers to buy a home with no money down purchase option. This is accomplished by using a FHA loan and a 3% CHDAP silent second. The CHDAP silent second has deferred payments until the property is sold or refinanced but is never…Read More »

Beat the Heat in Your New Home

Beat the Heat in Your New Home The approach of summer brings longer days and bright memories of time spent outdoors with family and friends, whether at the beach or in your backyard. This time of year can also bring back memories of heatstroke, sunburns and feeling like you might actually melt. Before the heat…Read More »

Is Buying a Home a Good Investment?

 Is Buying a Home a Good Investment? I just read an article about how most Americans still believe that buying a home is a good investment.  Although part of me agrees with this, the other part of me is concerned about spreading the gospel of home ownership as an investment.  If you are planning to…Read More »

Buying a Home Still Considered a “Best” Investment in U.S.

Buying a home has several unique advantages when compared with renting. Aside from being to decorate as you choose, receive additional tax benefits, enjoy stability in your housing payments, and increase your ability to make future investments, it just feels good to own your own home! A survey conducted last month by the PEW Research…Read More »

Should You Search For a Home on Craigslist?

Should You Search For a Home on Craigslist?I I just answered a question about this on Trulia and thought I would share my thoughts here on my own blog. Craigslist remains a very popular forum for searching homes. The best part about craigslist is that ads only last 7 days so they tend to be…Read More »

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