What it Takes to Get Your Home Sold

Pricing & your home for sale

What it Takes to Get Your Home Sold Trying to sell your home but not getting the foot traffic and interest you expected? Chances are your home is not priced correctly or not available at the right hours. Pricing to sell is a very individual process and may not always be about current market rates…Read More »

What to Leave Behind When You Sell Hour Home

What to Leave Behind When You Sell Hour Home You sold your home, congratulations! Now comes the ‘fun’ part of packing up your belongings and moving! This is also a time for shorting out what to take with you and what to leave behind when you sell your home.  There are some things you should…Read More »

Home Buyer Optimism From Fannie Mae Report

Home Buying & Selling News

You may have noticed more “for sale” signs around your neighborhood of late and that is a sign of change – of home buyer optimism from the latest Fannie Mae report. The housing market is showing definite signs of improvement which is good news, regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller. The Fannie…Read More »

Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

Six Hidden Costs of Home Ownership You might have read it in the newspapers, or seen it on an advertisement “owning is cheaper than renting!”  It is – but not really – not when you take the hidden costs into account. I strongly believe in home ownership for individuals, families and communities yet it’s important…Read More »

Your Home & the Start of School

Readying your home for the start of school

School supplies are showing up on the shelves of stores everywhere reminding everyone that the final days of summer are edging closer. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to evaluate your home to make sure you are organized and prepared for the approaching business that may soon impact your days. Even if you…Read More »

Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse With a transaction as large as a home purchase, experiencing some level of buyer’s remorse is par for the course. Whether you’re already suffering from it, or trying to avoid it, these remedies should help.  1. Envision the life you want to live after you close the deal then write it down – Before…Read More »

Home Buyers & Sellers – How Quickly Can You Move?

days on the market and your home

Home Buyers & Sellers – How Quickly Can You Move? Often when I speak to someone who wants to sell their home, they have an immediate need. The same is true for home buyers. When they are ready, no time is fast enough for finding a home! How long do you think it should take…Read More »

Tips for Home Sellers

 Tips for Home Sellers 1. Electrical Panel – Just prior to sale, you are not likely to be doing any major upgrading on your electrical system, but you will need to locate your main electrical panel and give it a good cleaning. Brush out all the cobwebs, dead spiders, and dust and wipe off any…Read More »

June Report on North San Diego Real Estate Market

June Report on North San Diego Real Estate Market A June Report put out by the North San Diego County Association of Realtors offered some mixed news about the North County San Diego Real Estate Market. In brief, home prices are rising, and the number of active listings is down 35% as compared to this…Read More »

Home Not Selling?

Home Not Selling?  When you find your home struggling to compete against similar listings, selling can seem difficult at best, impossible at worst. You’ve cleaned, staged, upped the curb appeal and lowered the price. So what else is a seller to do? Offer incentives. Outlandish incentives make headlines, but basic incentives that fill real buyer…Read More »

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