What to Leave Behind When You Sell Your Home

What to Leave Behind When You Sell Your Home You sold your home, congratulations! Now comes the ‘fun’ part of packing up your belongings and moving! This is also a time for shorting out what to take with you and what to leave behind. Just last week, I had a deal close where a seller…Read More »

Looking for Your Dream Home?

Looking for Your Dream Home? Everyone has a picture of what their dream home looks like. We live in a universe where images are thrust upon us by our computer, our ipad, our smart phone, and for the old fashioned, the TV set and magazines. What happens when the image of your dream home and…Read More »

Owning a Second Home

owning a second home - dream or reality

Have you dreamed about owning a second home? Perhaps you find yourself in a position where it would make sense to have another home in a vacation location or a condo near family or friends. If your life and finances make owning a second home an option, you’ll be interested to know that there are…Read More »

Brand New Homes in Tierrasanta

Brand New Homes in Tierrasanta Tierrasanta has long been one of my favorite communities in San Diego. Perhaps it’s because I was raised in New York. This lovely, green area with rolling hills and lots of mature trees creates a feeling for me of peacefulness and calm. A family oriented middle class neighborhood, Tierrasanta is…Read More »

Question And Answer: What happened to traditional realtors?

What happened to all the traditional “realtors”? Interesting question…The truth of the matter is that many of us do what you’re suggesting…call clients when we have a home for them. However, I only do this when I know a client well, have been working with the person awhile, and really understand their tastes and preferences. …Read More »

Questions and Answers: Home Buying in San Diego

Question: What section of San Diego is going to be the next hotspot and why? Consider a buyer with a budget of $300-$500k for a 2 bedroom condo/home I wish you luck with this question. I suspect you will get as many answers as you have Realtors. When in doubt, I suggest sticking to the…Read More »

Pocket Listings Explained

Pocket Listings Explained Pocket listings  are those where the listing broker does not market the home on the MLS. The MLS is that website that markets 95% of the homes available, and is available not only to Realtors but to consumers. A pocket listing will not receive the universal exposure of the MLS and is instead marketed…Read More »

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