When to Contact a Realtor

When to Contact a Realtor

Most buyers do not talk to a Realtor early enough. There are basics that are useful to review, and a good Realtor can make useful suggestions.

Yet, I just received a call from a woman in Connecticut who was calling me way too soon. She was thinking she might like to retire in San Diego and wanted my assistance. This woman however had no idea of what price range she was in, and had never been here.

There wasn’t much I could do to help. Without a price range or general frame of reference, there was nowhere to begin. Generally once I have a price range, an idea of your living expectations, and a sense of your lifestyle and priorities, I can make some suggestions for location.

I do think that any relocation is difficult to do online. When push comes to shove, you need to go to the city you are considering and spend some time looking around. That’s when to contact a Realtor.

Here are some things to consider when approaching the idea of buying a home:

· Speak to a lender to get a ballpark idea of your price range

· Think seriously about location. Where do you work? What type of commute is acceptable to you?

· What types of hobbies and recreational activities do you enjoy? Are you a beach bum who wants to be close to the Ocean, or a mountain hiker?

· Are you wanting more space out in the country or will you consider a smaller home in the middle of the city?

These are a great starting point. The more of this that you can share with your Realtor, the better that agent can serve you.