A Tour of South Carlsbad

A Tour of South Carlsbad

I just spent my morning with a lovely young woman who wants to buy a home in South Carlsbad under $450K Here are some of the homes we saw and my impressions of them.

We started with two homes in Rancho Carrillo. This is a newer community of homes approximately five  miles East of the I-5.  What I was impressed by was the value offered here especially compared with homes in San Diego.  The architecture was contemporary with high ceilings, loads of windows, an open kitchen and a small private backyard.  Light and bright, you can get a family size home of 2,000 sq ft here for under $450K.

The other thing that I noticed about Rancho Carrillo was the fact that children were playing on the streets & in the lawns, riding bicycles, and neighbors were talking with one another. It felt like a real community in the best sense of the word.

Next, we saw two townhomes that were closer to the ocean. We saw a home in the ‘Las Playas’ community that was charming. It wasn’t upgraded in all the currently desirable ways, but offered a charm and simplicity of days gone by. Mexican in style and décor, it came with its own courtyard, garage, and greenbelt.  Priced under $400K, it offered a quaint living space at an affordable price.

We then saw a townhome in the ‘Altamira’ complex. Close to the I-5, you could glean ocean views on the way to the property.  The home itself felt extremely dated and didn’t compare at all. This complex is certainly well located, it just wasn’t terribly appealing.

Lastly, we saw a detached house in ‘La Costa Meadows.’ Located on a corner lot with a swimming pool, this is a short sale priced at $429K. As we walked in, I knew instantly that it would sell much higher than the list price. Sure enough, when I ran the comps after the fact, they were close to $500K.

I am bitterly disappointed when I see listing agents pricing short sales much lower the comps – it strikes me as deceptive and I am sorry to say that our association has not cracked down on these. If the comps are $500K, the bank is going to expect $500K…pure and simple. Realtors continue to list short sales at ridiculously low prices to lure in buyers, and generate dozens of offers.

Surprisingly enough, the winner of the day for my buyer was the small, charming home close to the water with a Mexican feel. It wasn’t the biggest, brightest, or shiniest. It didn’t have granite counters or vaulted ceilings, but it did have a personality and charm that resonated with my buyer.

If you are interested in a home in Carlsbad, please give me a call so I can show you around!