Smart Selling to Today’s Homebuyers

Smart Selling

If you’re considering selling now that the housing market outlook is improving, take a few moments to consider how buyers have changed what they look for in the home buying process. During the past six years, changes in how buyers communicate, share information, research, and decide what they’re looking for, mean that you need to…Read More »

Tips For Your Open House Visits

tips for your open house visits

So, you’re thinking of buying a home … where do you begin? Potential buyers new to the real estate market may not know exactly what they want in a home, or where they want to live. The dream homes in magazines are a great way to get ideas, and looking at pictures of homes online can narrow…Read More »

Relocating to San Diego

Relocating to San Diego or any new city is challenging at best. Trying to buy a new home from a distance is even more daunting. Can it be done? Yes. Last December, a buyer from Las Vegas made a couple of trips to San Diego and we got him a great deal in a new…Read More »

San Diego Housing Market

The San Diego Housing Market has been a bit sluggish since January 1st. Some of it is seasonal, and well, some of it is not. Current market forces affecting the San Diego housing market include low inventory, tight mortgage lending, and rising interest rates and home prices. Experts say that 2014 market trends will become…Read More »

Your Relationship with Your Realtor

Your Relationship with Your Realtor– You’ve probably never given much thought to your relationship with your Realtor. But I spend my days with buyers and sellers…or at least those thinking about doing a transaction! With over 10 years of real estate behind me, I still marvel at all the different relationships I’ve had with my…Read More »

Mortgage Rates and Housing Prices Expected to Rise in 2014

Even though 30-year fixed rates dropped in the first half of January, many analysts expect fixed mortgage rates to go up somewhat in 2014, but to top out at around 5%. What this means for buyers is that while higher than 2013′s historic lows, the rates will remain favorable and predictable for homebuyers. What is less predictable is the…Read More »

Real Estate Trends in 2014

Real Estate Trends in 2014 – As the globe transitions into a new year, and we celebrate at new year’s eve parties, others of us take a moment to reflect. We may reflect about the year gone by and the things we’d like to do different in the new year. So too, do those of…Read More »

Common Mortgage Scams

During the recent housing crisis, scams became quite common. Here are some common mortgage scams, and advice on how to avoid being duped. 1. The Savior Scam If you’ve ever been on the brink of foreclosure, you’re already well aware of the flood of letters, emails and phone calls you’ll receive offering to help save you…Read More »

Buying a Short Sale or Foreclosure

They are known as “distressed properties,” when in reality they are properties that belong to distressed homeowners. Foreclosed properties and those being sold short are homes that the homeowner can no longer afford, for any number of reasons. If you have your heart set on purchasing from among an area’s distressed properties, you may have…Read More »

How Smart is the Kitchen?

Home buyers walk into a house with lots of questions. How much square footage does it have? How many bathrooms are there? Does the backyard have a fence? But soon they may be adding a new question to that list: How smart is the kitchen? With the spike in smartphone popularity, people have higher expectations…Read More »

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