Negotiating Home Repairs

Negotiating Home Repairs is one of the most delicate parts of any escrow. Each party in the transaction has their own agenda, and there is rarely an absolute right or wrong, First you have the inspector whose job it is to find every nit-picky little detail about your home whether it poses a problem or…Read More »

Selling Tips for Your Home

You have undoubtedly read some tips on how to de-clutter and stage your home for sale. I recently read an article that reminded me of some important basics. For those that don’t have a staging budget, here are some basic selling tips for your home. Remember Curb Appeal Sweep the front of your home, the…Read More »

For Sale by Owners


As a matter of regular business, I do some prospecting of for sale by owners. I am always fascinated by just how much many of these people detest real estate agents. Others are just plain unreasonable. I recently found this ad on Craigslist: Drive-by viewings, then we’ll need your offer subject to final inspection. ALL…Read More »

Tips for Home Sellers

 Tips for Home Sellers 1. Electrical Panel – Just prior to sale, you are not likely to be doing any major upgrading on your electrical system, but you will need to locate your main electrical panel and give it a good cleaning. Brush out all the cobwebs, dead spiders, and dust and wipe off any…Read More »

The Difference Between Escrow and a Listing Agent

The Difference Between Escrow and a Listing Agent I’ve always offered assistance fo fsbo sellers. I offer a low rate to put their home on the MLS and then offer a follow up service to handle all the disclosures, documentation, etc. When speaking to a fsbo seller yesterday, he proclaimed ‘Oh I don’t need that,…Read More »

Don’t Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face!!

I’ve had a number of discussions with a “for sale by owner” seller this past week. For two years, he has used an MLS-only $75 realtor to post his home on the MLS. I do believe there’s a place for this and offer this service to my sellers. In this case however, although the seller…Read More »

A Great Idea For ‘FSBO’ Sellers

It’s a fact. Most ‘for sale by owner’ sellers ultimately list with an agent. Although a home CAN be sold by yourself, Realtors have more experience with the process.   I just received an email from a fsbo seller announcing an open house and inviting me to it. It’s during the weekday work hours so…Read More »

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