10 Top Home Staging Tips

With all the competition in today’s marketplace, professionally staging your home has never been more important. Here are 10 top home staging tips from on how to beat your competition and allure the attention of buyers. 1. Consider curb appeal You may not have the funds for a professional landscaper, but homeowners should make sure…Read More »

How Smart is the Kitchen?

Home buyers walk into a house with lots of questions. How much square footage does it have? How many bathrooms are there? Does the backyard have a fence? But soon they may be adding a new question to that list: How smart is the kitchen? With the spike in smartphone popularity, people have higher expectations…Read More »

Where Our Focus Needs to Be: HOME

This article that I found on Linkedin touched me so I want to share it. It’s a great reminder of what I love about real estate and why I got into the business. Take a read: http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130729233413-5071230-where-our-focus-needs-to-be-home    

Rising Mortgage Rates

your home and mortgage rates in 2013

Curious about how rate changes may affect your home buying experience? Higher rates may result in adjustments needing to be made on the amount of loan you qualify for, so be sure to discuss your individual situation with a lender, so that you are aware of the options available for your home. Recent rates released…Read More »

How to Hold the Perfect Garage Sale

How to Hold the Perfect Garage Sale When you need to either store or get rid of a lot of “stuff” to make your house look its best while on the market, holding a garage sale may be the ideal solution. Not only will your current house stage easier, but you will lighten the load…Read More »

Do You Have a Moving Plan?

How do you move boxes from your home

When it comes time to move from your home, do you have a moving plan? Does the traditional method of boxing up rooms and stacking furniture to be loaded on a truck appeal to you?  Prefer professional movers to coordinate the move?  Or would consider the more modern style of gathering the contents of your…Read More »

Mortgage Rates and Your Home

Mortgage Rates Impact Your Home

Your home value is affected by many changes in the housing market, but one thing you don’t have to wonder about this week is mortgage rates. It’s been three weeks now and the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) has held steady at 3.53 percent with less than a point, according to the Weekly Primary Mortgage Market…Read More »

Houzz.com Study Says Homeowners Value Looks More Than Vacations

Does your home look the way you want it to?  Are you interested in making changes?  If you answered yes to the second question, you are not alone. A recent survey of 29,127 respondents sponsored by Houzz, a premier home design and remodeling resource, has shown that homeowners value looks above adding home value or…Read More »

Selling Your Home This Holiday Season?

Selling Your Home This Holiday Season? Traditionally the holiday season is not the best time to sell your home due to tight schedules, weather conditions, and overall busy schedules. However if you still would like to sell your home before year-end, there are some things you can do to make your home outshine other listings.…Read More »

Your Home and Fall Gardening

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change color, fall is the perfect time to get your home and garden prepped for winter.  Whether you are planting fruit trees or perennials, this is the perfect time to form your action plan and get started on beautifying your home. Garden Prep –  For many…Read More »

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