For Sale By Owner


Although I am a real estate broker, I can truly understand why a seller would want to sell “for sale by owner.’ Bearing in mind, that so many of us have lost significant value in our homes, we worry about high costs, and low market values.

I’ve long believed in offering services to sellers that are ‘out of the box’ and tailored to a seller’s needs.

1) I offer a full service listing starting at 3.5%. This includes 2.5% for the buyer‘s agent, leaving me with 1% for all my listing services. A licensed real estate broker, I will offer you full service with your listing, marketing, showings, and open houses, ensuring that your paperwork is done correctly, and that you are free of undue liability when you sell.

2) I also work with short sales and am happy to secure a buyer for your home, working through the tedious process of dealing with the banks. When doing these deals, I hire a professional negotiator to get the best deal for you, and charge a full 5% which your lender will pay.

3) $149 MLS Entry – Last but not least, if you wish to continue selling ‘for sale by owner,’ I would be happy to put your property on the MLS as an ‘Open Listing’ for a modest, flat fee. This will assist you tremendously in getting Realtors to show your home. I am happy to rent you a lock box and assist on an as-needed basis.