Is Downtown San Diego Safe?


Is Downtown San Diego Safe?

I just answered this question on Trulia…

“Is the area around the Park Blvd West condos safe? For example, Can I walk my dog at night…..around 9pm or so?”

I know this neighborhood well. I’m sure people do walk their dogs at night…I would hate to give a definitive on whether it’s safe or not..because sometimes, stuff just happens in the best of neighborhoods. Also, what is safe for a young woman is likely different from a 6’2″ male who is in the Marines!

My best response is to check out the crime statistcis for the address on this webiste: Before you buy or rent, go there at 9 PM on a Saturday night and a Wednesday night and see how YOU feel about the street activity.

Is Downtown San Diego safe? Do your homework and in the end, you must answer that question for yourself.

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