Questions and Answers: Home Buying in San Diego

Question: What section of San Diego is going to be the next hotspot and why? Consider a buyer with a budget of $300-$500k for a 2 bedroom condo/home

I wish you luck with this question. I suspect you will get as many answers as you have Realtors. When in doubt, I suggest sticking to the basics of real estate. What ‘hot’ may come and go, I would want a property that has a history of doing well over time. 

Start with a great location – something that makes the location golden. For instance, Pacific Beach will always have the ocean and beach lifestyle…and that never goes out of style. Carmel Valley always has its outstanding school system – again that never goes out of vogue. 

When I go clothes shopping, I may spend a little money on something fun and funky for a year or two because it’s ‘in.’ Most of my clothes budget however are for long term basics that I know never go out of style. 

So too, I suggest that type of approach when choosing a location to buy. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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