San Diego Improving Public Transportation

San Diego Improving Public Transportation

Every metro area in the world tries to improve its transportation infrastructure through varying projects and upgrades. If commuting and travel time can be cut by even a few minutes, this can make all the difference to local residents. The buyers of homes for sale in San Diego may soon enjoy a more streamlined commute to work, as the city is currently embarking on several projects designed to reduce traffic and improve queue times. In addition, the electronic infrastructure in the city is also undergoing a major renovation.

Traffic improvements

Over the past few years, ongoing construction has been widening Highway 76 to reduce bottlenecking and long traffic delays. Recently, the San Diego Association of Governments issued $300 million in bonds to builders, and this is hoped to speed up high-priority projects, according to the North County Times.

“It’s a testament to our fiscal stewardship and strength when investors bought up our bonds in a matter of hours,” said agency chairman and Encinitas mayor Jerome Stocks.

The Keep San Diego Moving initiative also plans to improve a number of highways and rail lines in the region over the next ten years. Outlined projects include widening Highways 76 and 52, HOV/Express lanes on I-15, I-5 and I-805, a new Oceanside to Escondido light rail, and trolley upgrades for the blue and orange line.

Sunrise Powerlink Project

10 News reported that the $2 billion electric superhighway project is slated to be completed soon, as the final tower section has just been placed on the roadway. San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has been working on the 117-mile transmission line for a number of years, and despite some delays, the project is finally nearing completion. When the power begins flowing in mid-June, it will provide electricity to over half a million homes in San Diego.

“There were some key things that needed to happen to bring more reliability to San Diego this summer and the Sunrise Powerlink was a key component to those plans,” said SDG&E employee Jennifer Ramp, according to the news source. “Having this energized in mid-June would bring us more reliability and more power for San Diego when the temperatures heat up this summer.

Improved roadways and electric grids are helping to make San Diego one of the most attractive metro areas in the country, so be sure to check out this city if you are looking to purchase a new home.